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Online Couponing

Everyone loves a great deal, but for anyone that has tried to figure exactly how the world of online coupons and deals actually works, you know it can be confusing and overwhelming. That's why we've compiled a few online coupon services that not only provide great access to deals, but also are well-known and have great reputations.

But first, what are they all about?

Subscription Coupon Resources


is a free electronic coupon deal-of-the-day recommendation service that launched in 2008. Every 24 hours, a new recommendation for a store, service or restaurant in your city is recommended by Groupon. You can get up to 40% to 60% discount if you purchase the service they recommend. In order to purchase the service, you have to join or sign up with Groupon. If you like the deal-of-the-day, you then purchase an electronic coupon directly from Groupon using your credit card or PayPal account. You print that coupon, take it to the restaurant or store, and redeem it for commonly double the value you paid.

So what's in it for Groupon, right? Groupon is the middleman service that promotes your city's restaurants and stores. Groupon encourages people to try a different restaurant or store each day, and earns a commission whenever they successfully refer a customer.

So what's the catch you ask? Good question. The only catch is the short window of opportunity for purchasing the Groupon discounts. Once a deal is announced, it will only remain online for 24-72 hours. After the 24-72 hours, it will no longer be available for purchase. The coupons themselves are valid for approximately 6-12 months after you purchase them, so there's no rush to redeem the coupon the same day.

Another great feature is that even though Groupon is a large web-based company, they have great customer service. You can even get in contact with a real-life person (Yep, you heard right!) by calling their Toll Free number at (877) 788-7858.

Click Here to Try Out Groupon.com

Living Social

Very similar to Groupon, Living Social is an online coupon site that offers deals based on your city/region and your interests. With Living Social, you can choose to look at multiple locations, or a single location depending on how far you are willing to travel.

It has also been shown that Groupon and Living Social tend to offer different types of goods. While Groupon is heavy in offerings for restaurants, a large portion of Living Social offers deals on book and magazines.
Either way you go, both of these Online Coupon site are very reputable and offer the ability to get great deals on products or services that you will love!

Click Here to Try Out LivingSocial.com

Printable Coupon Resources
There are also websites that offer the ability to browse for existing coupons that can be printed for use at the location, or for codes that can be used for online shopping. Below are some of the best resources for this type of coupon hunting.


Coupons.com is one of the oldest printable coupon websites, offering a wide variety of coupons for groceries and personal care products.

Click here to browse Coupons.com


SmartSource.com is the online counterpart to the popular SmartSource coupon insert that appears in many newspapers.

Click here to browse SmartSource.com


Just like SmartSource, you may also receive a
RedPlum.com coupon insert in your newspaper or mailbox each week. Check out both to take advantage of the most savings.

Click here to browse RedPlum.com

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