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About Us

Welcome to the For Health& Living Community. We're so glad you've joined us and thousands of others just like you!

To call For Health & Living a wellness program wouldn't be accurate at all. It is an attitude, a community of like-minded folks, and an overall approach to living fully. For Health & Living is all about health education, wellness, enjoying life and giving back. It is based on instilling a sense of energy and celebration into life, and making every moment count.

From information about Rejuvenating Your Body and Revitalizing Your Spirit to proprietary and secure features such as a Family & Friends Tracker, For Health & Living will explore it all.

This revolutionary (and refreshing) resource is brought to you by Inter Valley Health Plan—and even that's unique. Because Inter Valley Health Plan is as much a lifestyle as a Medicare health plan filled with benefits to help keep you living healthy and vital.