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Community & Events

Just one of the many things that sets For Health & Living apart is that we take great pride in getting our hands “into the thick of it” so to speak. We don't just say we get involved, we actually do it! That's one of the reasons we've felt it was important to create a robust Community & Events section on our site. Here we regularly provide information and opportunities for folks to get involved, volunteer, participate with others with similar interests, join organizations or classes. Because we live and work here ourselves, we know the joy and satisfaction that comes from giving back to our community.

By registering with For Heath & Living, you can have access to a variety of ways to get involved too. Our Community Events calendar includes local volunteer opportunities and events that are hosted right here within our community. There's also Inter Valley Health Plan's Official Event Calendar where you can inquire about several classes, events and volunteer opportunities and even register for the event immediately online if you choose.

It just takes a minute to register. Click here and you'll discover a community of others just like you who know the secret to real happiness is found in giving back to others. So what are you waiting for? Real satisfaction and joy that comes from learning and giving awaits!